Affordable Techniques Of Search Engine Optimization

Gowebbi 07 Sep 2017

Search engine optimization is an important element for better marketing of a blog article and to meet these required element, there are certain techniques by using which we can attain maximum SEO.

Search engine optimization, if done in an efficient manner, will help you boost your company's online presence. You will also be able to boost the presence and availability of the website of your business.


In this blog, we will discuss about some of the affordable search engine optimization techniques and how to achieve the maximum SEO for your content.

Search Engine Optimization is like a charger for your website. Without effective SEO there will be subsequent breaks in the acceralations of your website. Lack of effective SEO, will cause you to lack confidence by trusted search engines like Bing, Google, etc.

SEO is a dynamic approach and its tactics get altered accordingly.It is vital to keep on upgrading the SEO by keeping in mind the importance of both User & Search engines' necessities.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO is a value accumulation process in which we apply some methods to improve the search discernibility, user responsiveness & grading.

A Seamless SEO Directory Contain = Permalink optimization + HTML Structure Keyword density + Post length + Post-Title Relavency + Media (Images & Videos) + Loading Speed + Meta Description + Keyword research + great user response + Link building + Social Media engagement + inbound links + outbound links + Content Strategies + Post Title Optimization + Image Optimization

Some corrupt example of SEO practices are = Keyword Stuffing + Cloaking + Content Stuffing + Piracy + Hidden text + Buying Traffic + Buying Links.

Some affordable search engine optimization practices are:

These are those reasonable search engine optimization practices where you don’t have to spend a single penny.

Meta Description Optimization

This is the vital part of SEO optimization because if you would not make your SEO meta description accessible then you will incessantly lose your position. ‘User Response’ is the term which Google has introduced to keep a track of meta-description optimization.

Enhance your Permalink

Permalinks are the discourses of your blog posts. It is very vital to enhance your permalinks.

Design your permalinks as very spontaneous and comprehensible for the search engine.

Things to do for optimization of your permalink:

Keep your permalink address free of special symbols like ?, &, $, etc.

Keep it very simple and small.

It should always comprise of your focus keyword.

Generate Infographics for your blog to make it more comprehensible for readers

It is a great SEO practice which comes free of cost.There are numerous free infographic tools which make the SEO practice reasonable for beginners.

Optimize your Webpage Loading Promptness

Google experts have confirmed that all the top results of Google will now prioritize the web pageloading promptness as a grading factor.

Therefore, this is also a worthy SEO practice to improve the search prominence & grading.

Social Media commitment

Social Media signals are also fragments of off page SEO enhancement. If your social media post has high sharing & visit then it is measured as a grading factor in Google.

Therefore, choose some current Social media website like twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc., to escalate your social prominence.

You can devote a little sum of money to endorse your blog posts to get more visitors.

Length of your blog post

This is completely free or reasonable search engine method. All you have to do is, do an extensive research and write a post of 1000+ words.

Structure of Site

This is an inordinate SEO factor, but has fewer impression on google. The structure of the site, incidentally affects the google grading because site structure is very significant from both search engines as well as the reader point of view. So if the user feedback is not up to the mark, then you might drop your search grade.

Do not ignore the importance of site structure. Make your blog post very impressive, notable, and easy to comprehend.

Blog Content -Title Significance

The content of the post must be exactly pertinent to your post heading. As relevancy of content and title invariably affects reader experience and which is associated to search engine optimization.

Put Inbound & Outbound Links within your post

This is also a significant SEO technique in which you need to put some pertinent contextual link within the post.

Do not put the abnormal or spammy links within the blog post.


A backlink is an endorsement of your web page from another web page, which openly upsurge your page worth, in the eye of search engine.

Backlinks are the most significant & influential SEO procedure and it has also been found that all the google’s top results contain high backlink extract.

This is one of the best reasonable search engine optimization methods. Reasonable in the sense “a regular & cost free approaching backlinks are more influential rather than paid one”.

Density of keyword

Infuse focus keyword

  1. In Permalink
  2. In Image alt attribute
  3. In post Title
  4. In the first paragraph of the post, 2 to 5 times within the post (depending on the post length, not more than 1.5%)
  5. In SEO meta description
  6. In one of the Heading H1 Tag
  7. In one of the Subheading H2 Tag

Domain age

This is not a practice, but domain age does matter. If your domain is old then it has high reliability, which increases the status of your blog among the readers and search engines.

Domain & Page Authority

Google always gives more significance to those domains who have great Domain authority.

Domain authority is the overall reliability of your site and Page authority is a value of a specific page.

Most of the time you must have seen that when you search for something (assume any topic on which you have already written a blog) on Google then you would have found that Google shows you some enduring results related to your request. But you never find your post there.

All the top results of searched post on the Google web page have high Domain & Page Authority. So to become the first result of Google you need to escalate your Domain & Page Authority.

SEO is the most influential tool to upsurge the search prominence. SEO is the assortment of all the user needs and search engine strategies.

These practices are in your control and one easily takes benefits of these practices.

SEO = Search Engine Guidelines + Good User response + Search engine trust


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