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Gowebbi 07 Oct 2017

The email that is designed by a business to promote the service and the product should be done in correct fashion so that a person feels indeed interested and one goes through the mail, without giving a second thought or hitting the delete button.

An attractive email will increase curiosity among the interest customers and help in promoting the brand on a more personal basis. 


More or less every single day, we get different kinds of emails in our inbox, which we either read, mark it spam, delete or completely ignore the same. We may not be attracted to read an email as the same sounds to be boring enough and we do not get interest in going through the same. For some or the other reasons, the email marketing campaigns is not proving to be effective. The campaigns or promotions, fail to grab the attention of the audiences, which in place does not make an individual feel lured in any way.

Therefore, every business or sectors should try and develop proper advertisement campaigns to draw the attention of the customers in correct fashion and also promote the matter in correct way. As long as a business owner spams its subscriber lists, email marketing can prove to be a perfect way to promote or spread messages to the customers directly. Email marketing can always be considered as a channel that strengthens the relationship with the existing client and also keep the business at the top as well. There can be three different kinds of emails:

Marketing email: This type of email can be informational or promotional messages that are sent to different customers for review.

Transactional emails: This kind of email is generally automated and is triggered by the activity of the customer. Examples of such kind of email can be order tracking messages, welcome messages, registration confirmation, payment received etc.

Operational emails: These kinds of emails are generally the ones that show planned maintenance, downtime changes, various other changes as well. Therefore, whoever takes up such home services localized email campaigns can follow up any of the three kind of mailing patterns.

An individual can take up any method of email, but the mail should accomplish and provide proper idea about the message that one wants to deliver. Here are some tips that an individual can follow while designing an email.

Design and build subscribers list

A business owner always have a list of potential customers, but it is necessary for them to maintain the list and keep the same updated from time to time. One should be sure about the method of subscribing. The form for subscription should be designed in the blog page, as people who are reading the blogs may have the wish to subscribe and get more and more articles and blogs to read.

There are certain applications that a business could easily take up to attract the customers and also to make them feel attracted to read the emails that are send to them. The subscribers list can be maintained through various other traditional means, and that is the newsletter.

Talk with the audience

Apart from the method of direct mail, email marketing should have proper content or to be specifically interactive content that will allow the customers to freely interact with the business person in correct fashion. Simply providing information in blunt fashion may not prove to be beneficial in anyway. Therefore, home services localized email marketing campaign should have the following points in the same so that a customer feels interested to read the same:

Great subject writing: If a business wants to engage more and more customers to interact with them and join hands in the run, then one should design a proper tag line for the email. This would attract the attention of the customer and encourage them to read the mail, a dull head line would make an individual to just use the delete button.

Tailored content: It is actually customized with the readers collected data. Such kind of content provides various offers that catch the attention of the customers in perfect fashion. This makes them feel interested in reading the emails.

Make the mail interesting from the moment it gets landed in the recipient’s box

Just like a headline of a newspaper that catches the attention of the reader, an email should have the subject line that would draw the attention of all. This is a major opportunity to make a customer read the mail and follow up the same. Therefore, the content should be written in correct fashion that would raise the interest of the customers to open the email and read rather than hitting the delete button.

Make it personal

Home services localized email marketing campaigns should be designed perfectly in personal manner. Whenever and wherever possible, an individual should add personal elements in the mail. Most of the email tools allow an individual to enter short code, which would be indeed replaced with the recipient’s name when the mail is sent out.

Be sure that the mails are not sent to the spams list

If a carefully designed email gets directed to in the spam list whenever it reaches the mail of a customer, then there comes no result out of the same. Such mails can never bring any fruitful result for the organization. The first step that should be taken up is to be sure that the mails are not getting directed to any spam box. Spam filters generally work by adhering to certain criteria and checking if the email has spam features or not.

Spam filters generally vary from one to the other, therefore an email may get passed in certain spam filters but may get flagged in some.

Make sure that the copy looks clean and crisp

When designing a page, a business should keep the mail page neat and clean so that it does not look over crowded in any way. The mail that will be designed should be done in proper fashion so that the email does not look overlapped or crowded in anyway. Clumsy look, would fail to attract the attention of the customer.

Make the link and call to action obvious

The main motive of an email marketing campaign is to increase the traffic to the landing page and the website as well. No clicks means no customers. So, the links should be made obvious and give the readers to interact in a free manner and clearly. Therefore, Home services localized email marketing campaigns, should be designed in such a way that would attract the attention of the customers in the best forms.


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