The 7 Most Influential eCommerce Sites of 2017

Gowebbi 01 Sep 2017

eCommerce is in trend now and its advantages cannot be ignored. Various eCommerce sites are joining in the league and few influential sites are making it big in their respective field.

With the presence of eCommerce sites, an individual is at liberty to make a purchase of products or items that one wants to have with them without thinking twice about anything. Therefore, eCommerce sites nowadays, proves to be a boon for many as that assists one in making a purchase while sitting back at home.


With the passage of time, there has been development of various eCommerce sites that have recently cropped up nowadays. However, there are very few sites that are found, that provide the best and superior service and stand out in the crowd. Here are certain sites that are worth mentioning:
It is actually a formal home appliance site that provides perfect satisfaction to the home owners after using the appliances from the site. There are various best practices that are in-built within the site like social media integration, that indeed provides automatic feeds of the products and reviews and there is also a perfect place for customers for putting up the comment in a perfect way.  The site bears clear product description with perfect reviews about the product, and provides a clear image of the products that are available at the place. The site is designed in a perfect fashion with easy navigation system and call to action buttons. The designed buttons allows an individual to perform the basic task in perfect fashion. 

Grainger is a major site that operates its activities in North America. The best and the most recommended part of the site is its navigation process and techniques. The site includes clear categorization of the products with the availability of various filtering options that assist an individual to get the product quickly when a search is made. The site is also designed with quick order tool, which assists industrial buyers that delivers the customers with best and perfect shopping experience. The site is designed in such a way that has sections dedicated to related and alternate products that improves or promotes the chance of selling the product or even at times cross selling the same as well. The site provides complete satisfaction of navigating the same. 

This is another best eCommerce site that provides complete assistance to the one who is willing to make perfect purchase of various products online. The designed site provides with complete information about various IT related functions and categories. The site is designed in user friendly manner and allows an individual to navigate the same in perfect and appropriate fashion. The site deals with various IT related factors that provide individuals with perfect knowledge regarding the same. The site also has appropriate designed action call buttons that creates superior look for the same. Gowebbi can be considered as a perfect solution to any kind of queries or problems that an individual generally faces     regarding any IT queries that one may have. Gowebbi can be easily ranked as one of the best eCommerce platforms from the 7 most influential eCommerce sites of 2017

In the present scenario, Amazon is considered as the most disruptive eCommerce venture that is launched nowadays. The site is actually very well designed and there is proper explanation of each and every content at the place. The designed site is user friendly as well and can be easily navigated. Amazon has a complete uniform structure of every product with proper categorization. But Amazon has some drawbacks of the same as well. As the site offers various kinds of products together, the different products may not have complete description present at the place, which may prove to be difficult for the customers who are searching the internet. 
The quick and easy check out feature and the shopping preferences are indeed a big and superb hit among the customers. The auto suggest feature that is designed in the website allows an individual to make a search for their product in easy and quick manner. Amazon also has various sort and filter features enabled in the site that allows an individual to find out the correct and the appropriate product in easy and perfect fashion. But undoubtedly, Amazon can also be rated as one of the best sites among the 7 most influential eCommerce sites of 2017.  

ASOS is a shopping site for the latest trend and fashion that is prevalent in the present generation. The best practice that is followed by the experts of such shopping site is the complete engagement with the customer that it has for oneself. They have a designed micro site that allows customers to upload their pictures in the same so that the panel personnel present at the place can offer the best outfit to the individual who is uploading the picture in the same. The personnel at the site can suggest the best outfit to the customer who is searching for the same in the website. The mix and match fashion is very prominent in the present generation nowadays. They also have a fashion community, which provides the best and trendy outfit to all. 

This is another B2B customer site, that has every product that a generally business owner or industrialist would need. The site does not have any kind of flashy banners and is indeed not much attractive, but it provides vital information regarding the product that is present at the place. The images of the product are designed in simple manner with clear background. This makes the drilling down of the product easy. 
There is also a quick order facility made available at the site, where clicking the same will open the order box easily and the customer can make an order for the same without much difficulty and hassle. This kind of feature proves to be beneficial for B2B buyers, who have a tendency to place large amount of orders over a wide range of product. The site also offers  the facility of easy sorting and filter mechanism as well. The site offers an individual with clear product description as well as information, proper categorization, simple ordering process, good and appropriate product images etc. 

It is also an eCommerce site that offers the best shopping experience to the individuals who are making a search regarding the products that are present in the website. Flipkart has a well designed website that has indeed bright colours in the same that draws attention of the customers easily. The 7 most influential eCommerce sites of 2017, also includes Flipkart that provides complete satisfaction to the individuals who is making a search in the same. 
Thus, here are these 7 influential eCommerce sites which help you with required amenities by sitting in the comfort zone of your living-room


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