Design for Triumph- Importance of eCommerce Design for Business Growth

Gowebbi 11 Sep 2017

As eCommerce has become a vital factor of our life, it is important to have a well-designed eCommerce site. A well-designed eCommerce site will not only promote your business but will also generate maximum traffic.

The traffic thus generated will enable you to boost up the sales of your business as well as increase your online presence.  A well-designed website will attract more customers and allow people to talk more about your website.


Web design is a significant factor when it comes to websites, and even more so for e-commerce websites. A flourishing e-commerce web design can help give patrons a better familiarity and potentially lead to more trade. Practical explanation and online dispute are easily conquered if an e-commerce website is really well crafted. It also becomes really resourceful at generating profits from the right e-commerce website. To take this efficiency to the maximum, diverse profit generating means are integrated into the web design by the e-commerce models.

In this blog we will talk about a few facts on how you can enhance the e-commerce site's web design for your business.

First Impression is Vital

As it is said, first impression is the last impression; therefore it is vital to make it count. Just like a store in real life, if you stepped in for the very first time and saw a cluttered, messy floor, you would probably have a negative attitude and leave the store. This is the same in the case of an online store. Envision if you landed on a web page that had a disorganized layout and poor quality imagery or uneven fonts, what would your judgment be?

So while designing keep this in mind. Take a look at opponents and see how their layouts are designed. Be certain to keep things well-organised and proficient. Use high resolution quality of imagery and make sure they have related styling to keep the entire thing consistent.

User familiarity Design

UX Design is fetching the main aspect when designing a website.

It is significant to be certain that a website is user friendly to permit for a fluid ride from beginning to end. The end thing you would want is for a patron to go on your respective website and not know where they are heading to and rather have to hunt for it. Make sure the whole thing is effortless to find and it is in a way that it flows. This comprises of effortless navigation, CTAs that show where a shopper can go next, easy and clear links for information folios such as the contact page and FAQ’s.

It is important to be mobile-friendly, so a responsive website is an added point to consider when thinking about eCommerce web design and UX. You have to be certain that when your website is viewed on smartphones and tablet devices, it looks superior. Do remember that the website will be viewed on a smaller screen, so incorporate large CTAs that are uncomplicated to click, plain and crisp content, and compacted menu to save space, such as using icons and a burger menu for account pages and cart.

Maintain steadiness of your Brand and Design

It is imperative to keep your brand image steady across every platform you use, and that comprise your website. For instance, if you are a florist you will likely want to design your website very subtle and chaste, whereas if you are a company that deals in adventure tour and travels, then you will want to communicate something very mannish. Apparently, this all depends on who you are marketing towards as well, so just be certain to ask yourself how you want to communicate your brand and what message and image you want to represent through your e-commerce website.

Colour Board

Colour palette is very vital when it comes to your brand and e-commerce website. If you have already chose colours for your brand, i.e. when you have crafted your logo, then you need to be certain that you keep these colours in mind when picking your website colour board.

Selecting complementary colors is always a better idea. For example, if you have a color like blue in your logo, it is good to choose cooler colors so that they harmonize each other. But the theme and color board goes hand-in-hand and therefore this depends on your brand, if you are a kid’s company website then you will preferably go for vibrant color palette and opt divergent colors, such as yellow and blue.

In addition to picking colours that work well with each other, you ought to know that some particular colours can convey diverse meanings. This is known as the Colour Theory. A list of colours with their meanings is mentioned below:

Green - A positive shade that means freshness, wealth or harmony. It is an easy color to absorb.

Yellow - A vibrant color that can symbolize happiness, joy and be used as an attention gripper.

Orange - A grand bold color that can grip attention and be used to call-to-activity. Can be hostile if overused.

Red - Valiant color that can symbolize energy, strength or passion.

Purple - Coupled with royalty, can represent power and luxury.

Blue - A commonly used color for specialized service websites. It can be comforting and fresh.

White - A powerful color that generates a sense of innocence and excellence. Used for minimalist websites as it can signify peacefulness.

Black - Another bold color that is related with exclusivity and luxury. It is commonly used for sophisticated brands and creates a lustrous image.

Stand Out from the Mass

For many entrepreneurs, one of the main objectives is to be certain that they stand out from their opposition and it is no dissimilar with any e-commerce store. While it is always good and safe to keep the layout of the store website familiar to what is already out there, be certain there are essentials that stand out, this could be a popping logo, fun color scheme, or cool animations. Whatever you select, try and add something that will make patrons remember you.

A great instance of this is The French train line enterprise already uses popping and fun colours, but they went that extra step further by initiating a pinball game to the website. The fun game was amazingly entertaining and on-brand, and was a great patron communication tool.

In all, when it comes to designing an e-commerce website, be certain to devise for your target audience as they are the ones who will be using your website and purchasing items.


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