The Growing Trend Of Text Message Marketing Service And Its Immediate Benefits

Gowebbi 19 Sep 2017

Text message marketing service is a new promotional tool and this trend is soaring high to reach the potential audience. SMS marketing offers a list of benefits which helps in the growth of your business. 

Connect with your clients on a more personal level with the platform of text message marketing and engage with them on a closer proximity. Reach out to more and let your voice be heard out loud and clear in the form of the messages. 


Today’s world is incredibly fast-paced and sometimes it seems like everyone is just running around with their own agendas. In all these rush there are other things as well like TV commercials, sales pitches, colorful and trendy advertisements, spam emails etc that grab the attention of the common man. It sure is confusing as there seems to an overabundance of information which makes life all the more complicated. Hence, it would be really nice to get just the information you need rather than having to go through numerous options and alternatives which can boggle even the most stubborn mind. There are many businesses, both large and small who concentrate on grabbing the attention of the targeted audience and therefore collect all the possible information on consumers and then go for precise and targeted promotions. But then this kind of advertisements can be both offensive and invasive to many.

What is text message marketing?

If you are the owner of a local business, you can really benefit from the text message marketing service. It does not matter whether you sell products or services, text message marketing can do magic for your business. This is a cost-effective marketing strategy and this kind of promotion is both easy to manage and use. This is one of the kinds of advertising trick which gives you a sure return on your investment (ROI). How is that? Just imagine you are leaving home to go to either a formal occasion or maybe an informal one. The main three things you are most likely to carry are your wallet, obviously your vehicle, and your mobile phone! That means that when as a business owner you want to market or advertise your product or service you can just send a text message with catchy lines and reach your customer anywhere anytime. The main benefit here is that it does not matter where the customer is, whether at home in front of the TV or in front of his laptop, he or she will instantly access your message because it will be through a mobile text message which takes a few seconds to read. This way your targeted customer base will have instant access to your offer, and if they are interested will click on the link that is part of the message and will lead back to your website. Therefore you can define this kind of marketing as "advertisement on demand” the best part of which is that it is not on the demand of the business owner but more or less satisfies the demand of the customer. Anyone on the go can get access to the discounts and offers that your business is providing!

How it benefits:

Text message marketing service is a subtle but systematic way of involving the customers with the information you are eager to share. You can do your research and create a mailing list of people who can be your potential customers. Once they receive the information that you want to deliver, most of them will read it out of curiosity and then become interested. The benefit from the customer's side is that they can opt out of this at any time. It is completely their choice. This is also the minimum price you have to pay for advertising. Additionally, you keep the customer information private so as not to give your competitor’s leverage by sharing any information. For their loyalty, the customers win discount or gift coupons which further seals their allegiance with your business. Hence, in any which way you look at it, text message marketing is a win-win for both the business owner and the customers, and therefore it is flourishing day by day.

The other benefits are:

This marketing strategy is completely customer focused without getting pushy or in-your-face. The customers get to decide whether they want to participate in the promotions that you are offering, or want to hear about your bonuses, special offers, contests and any other type of offer you might be offering.

There are no paper coupons involved and people won’t be losing it. They will have it right on their phone, secure from losing it. Hence they can avail their discount at any point in time.

These messages are short and to the point which delivers the intended message effectively without irritating or boring the customers. This means that this kind of advertising is fit entirely with busy people's lifestyles.

There is a research which says that over 95% of such messages are opened which means instantaneous and uninterrupted recognition of your business.

Few points to ponder:

As a business owner, it is quite natural to want to reach out to the maximum number of people and there are numerous ways to get a huge number of customer data. But then you must take care not to get over enthusiastic and get on people’s nerves. If you do it too frequently, you will simply be cut off and the competitors will win. Hence take care of your marketing strategy when it comes to text message marketing service. Therefore it is very important to find a balance and control your enthusiasm after you have tasted success. There are simple things that you should keep in mind and they are:

Do not irritate the customers by sending messages unless you have something important to offer.

If they are not interested allow them to opt-out and then leave them at peace.

In conclusion, it can be said that text message marketing service if done in the correct way can attract the attention of scores of customers without you spending huge money that conventional advertisements demand. You can be sure that you will get your return on the investment. Without annoying your customers you can make them stay interested without seeming too eager. With the correct attitude, you can make an unlimited profit and get your business well established as well as stay ahead of your competitors.


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