How Text Message Marketing Service Helps You Grow Your Business

Gowebbi 25 Sep 2017

SMS marketing service has always worked as a vital marketing strategy. It not only helps you in reaching your potential audience but also creates more awareness about your business.

You are able to connect with your clients on a more personal basis, thus bringing your products and services closer to them. These messages also help keep your customers and?or clients updated about the latest products offered by you, thus boosting up sales. 


SMS marketing service is one of the verified and most valuable way to reach your target market. With today’s rising dependence on mobile communique, you’re certainly a swift click through rate and elevated share of eyeball.

The triumph of your SMS marketing efforts chiefly depends on when you plan to send your mass text. Your objective is to keep subscribers occupied and avert them from opting out. While the benefit with texting service is the swiftness with which your service message is received, there’s also one shortcoming: sending messages too recurrently, sending irrelevant messages, and texting at times when receivers don’t want to be troubled will cause opt outs.

All businessmen ask the same question: when is the good time to contact you? The answer is certainly not the same for everyone. It depends on your service industry, on the variety of product or service that you propose, and most importantly who your customers are.

Here are some tips to locate the best time to send out your text message:

Try to know the schedule of your target addressees.

Knowing the regular routine of your customers helps you decide the good time to send out your text message. What is the regular routine of your target audience like? Are they working women who do their left out grocery shopping on weekends? Are they a bunch of young administrative who go out to have a coffee meeting in the early evening? It is significant to know their regular everyday activities, so that you will know when they are occupied and when they would not be pleased about getting bothered by a cumbersome text message from you.

You have to determine how to fit your service or product appropriately into your customers routine?

After determining your target audience’s usual schedule, the next important thing you need to determine is when they are most likely considering purchasing a service or product from your industry. If you are an online store selling stylish faux-leather shoes to young women, consider when they are most likely doing their shopping or evaluating online reviews. Is it during their office break? After office timings? Or during the weekends when they’re out with their colleagues or friends?

It would be paramount to send your service message within the hours when they are most likely thinking of purchasing the type of service or product that you are offering or when they would find your offers particularly useful. Think of a definite hour when your text message can offer them instantaneous value.

Verify the analytics.

A sophisticated and pioneering mass texting software permit you to verify useful data, such as link clicks, churn rates, and many other particulars. You can use these discernment to determine the most suitable times to send your text campaign.

Evaluate your text message.

There’s no ideal principle to find the best time to send text to your recipients. But there is a way to identify the times that will likely convey the greatest outcomes—by evaluating. Carve up your subscribers into different groups according to location, age and other demographic facts then set sending time at altered hours.

The swiftness of text message marketing plus its lofty open rate gives you the prospect to swiftly progress your customer facility. Text message marketing is a way of appealing to your subscribers in a detailed and short time duration. Here are some enormous paradigms:

Make it cost-free.

If the question is to get more responses from patrons, offering the resources to give it at cost-free is the undisclosed method to garner more out of it. Consumers do not wish to spend more than what is needed. Creating it at no-cost induces them to endow with the required answers as they will be advantaged with no extra cost. Maintain low or no cost with a text messaging service for business or services provided. 

Propose a fast way for patrons to give you feedback response

Customers or clients are more than pleased to share their feelings when they’re contented with your service. Conversely, if they have problems with it, they might find it troublesome to call or email you just to file a grievance. Text message marketing service gives you that chance to make response-sharing super efficient and less cumbersome for your clients or customers. Incorporate a link to the analysis in your text, and allow the rest of it to take care of itself.

Be efficient to respond.

If you start connecting with your patrons or rather, paying clients or customers through text message marketing service, be certain that you are well-staffed to listen and answer to doubts and queries 24/7. And if you are insufficient in doing so, be clear and upfront about it. Be frank and honest about it to better handle people’s hope and expectations. Be precise and clear regarding the hours that you will be available to answer to your beneficiaries.

Provide post-purchase service.

The relationship with your patrons or customer doesn’t conclude with the acquisition or purchase. You would definitely want them to continue the relationship with you. To help accomplish better customer preservation, you need to connect with your patrons or customers by providing support service after purchase. Inform your customers about the position of product delivery if they’re purchasing online, message rapid tips about taking full advantage of the product, and provide text message replies to some of the most FAQ’s.

Convey the most up-to-date promotions through SMS.

Consumers don’t want to miss out on big deals. The solution is to make the offers sent through the text message look significant. Fragment your list and articulate offers that furnish to the requirements of your target group on every list. Do remember to send your promotional text message at days and times when they are most probable to purchase your product.

These simple steps or paradigms are an example to provide your customers with an insight into your business maximizing strategy and providing you with maximum profit.


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