How HTML5 And CSS3 Helps You Grow Your Business In The World Wide Web

Gowebbi 18 Oct 2017

HTML5 and CSS3 help in giving a better user interface to web pages, thus making it more attractive and user-friendly for users. Both these platforms have brought global revolution in the techniques of website designing.

Provide the best advantages of web designing to your business site with HTML5 and CSS3 platforms.  


Designers working on web projects face several challenges. They have to create projects that work seamlessly on a variety of devices and appeal to global audiences. Speaking of which, in today’s world, audiences are more tech savvy and design literate. The audiences now have higher expectations.

The designers are also aware of this emerging trend. And with the help of many designing technologies they have the solution to grab full attention of the audiences. Out of these, the two cutting edge technologies- HTML5 and CSS3 have brought about a revolution in the field of web designing. These two technologies work together to make a website appear beautiful and highly interactive.


HTML is an abbreviation of the term Hyper Text Mark-up Language. This is basically a language which is used to display content on the Web consistently across different Web browsers. HTML was modified as HTML5 with a more responsive design. The World Wide Web Consortium created HTML5 to interpret the Open Web Platform. HTML5 provides a platform for multiple native applications like iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. The most important objective of HTML5 is to reach the ever increasing demand of mobile internet access requirements, rich media, and cross device enormously. For cross-platform mobile application development HTML5 is outstanding. As we know that most of the web experience these days are through low powered android and iphone devices, the features of HTML5 was designed keeping this in mind.


The language of design for web pages CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS3 gives a fashionable and modernized look to a website. The designer gets the scope to suggest how to build site documents. CSS3 provides state of the art graphical layout designs and is supported by all modern graphical web browsers like Chrome or Firefox regardless of the device. It allows for a logical division. The designer can work on the structure of the web page separately using HTML while CSS3 helps him to define how the page should look. CSS3 can be further used for template designing and theme elements.

Few Aspects of HTML5

Web Workers:

Web Workers is a Java Script that keeps running in the background but does not affect the performance of the web page. Web Workers use separate background threads for processing and it does not affect the performance of a web page.


With the help of HTML5 technology embedding video becomes much easier. It becomes as easy as embedding an image.


With the help of this feature the web developers get the facility to render graphics on the fly. And it is not at all required to be plugged in, as with video.

Application caches:

Application caches help in storing web pages locally on the visitors computer with much information. Though cookies are smaller in size, this feature works more like cookies. And unlike cookies, the application caches allow for much larger files. Google Gears is the best example of this feature. 


The geolocation API permits the consumer to offer their location to web applications if they wish so. For maintaining privacy and safety reasons, the consumer is asked for authorization, to report location information. Mostly used on mobile devices, geolocation comes with HTML5.

Some Important Modules of CSS3

CSS Animations and Transitions

CSS animation can be done in two ways. Firstly, it can be done by animating the changes of CSS properties with the transition declaration. With transitions, you can create, hover or mouse down effects, or you can trigger the animation by changing the style of an element with JavaScript. Secondly, it involves the description of specific moments of the animation with the “@keyframe” rule. This allows you to have repeated animations that don't depend on user actions or for the JavaScript to get triggered.

Advanced Selectors

A number of powerful selectors have been introduced by CSS3 that can make layouts much cleaner, and stylesheets more appealing.


services like Google Fonts and typekit, helps to embed beautiful fonts by simply including a stylesheet in your page. There are even icon fonts like fontawesome, which contain pretty vector icons, and not letters or numbers. This was all made possible by the code>@font-face rule, it defines the name, characteristics and source files for fonts, and can be later referred in font/font-family declarations.

3D Transforms

3D CSS offers some powerful features to designers and developers that can win the hearts of users if done correctly.

Multiple Backgrounds

With multiple backgrounds, designers can stack different images as backgrounds of the same element. Each image can be moved and animated independently.

Media Queries

For media queries it is necessary to enclose CSS styles in a block guarded by a code>@media rule. Each code>@media block is activated when one or more conditions are met.

Border Images

It allows displaying custom designed borders around elements. The borders are contained in a single image (sprite), with each region of that image corresponding to a different part of the border.

Benefits of HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 provides advantages to business that develops web content and web applications. It also creates refined and accurate web pages that operate across various operating systems, devices and web browsers. CSS3 offers advanced features for web formatting and layout formatting that is not only fast but pleasing for the eye as well. HTML5 also makes a website highly interactive, good for Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), hosting audio or video, universally viewable and accessible. CSS3 is useful for making websites which reflect current design trends and also make the websites faster.

So it would be wise for the designers to take the advantage of the benefits of both the technologies. HTML5 and CSS3 can be used for creating both a new website and upgrading the current one. Thus, HTML5 and CSS3 provide huge opportunities for business in web development and the related fields.


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