The Best Mobile App Development Trends Of 2017

Gowebbi 17 Sep 2017

Mobile app is the new trend of software promotion and reaching out to target audiences. Here is a list of trending mobile app development methods which are selling as hot cakes in the market.

Adapt one of these trending mobile apps development methods to ensure that your business is not lagging behind in this competitive era.  


Mobile App Development is the term used in the new age of internet to signify the act or practice by which a mobile app is modified for mobile devices, for example, enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants, mobile phones. Mobile application software manufactures also must contemplate a long range of screen sizes, configurations and hardware specifications because of the extreme competition in mobile software and variations within every platform. The mobile app development has been gradually budding, in terms of revenues and jobs generated.

Benefits of having a mobile app for your budding and growing business

Boost the Customer Involvement

The main focus of building an app is providing the customer with an ultimate user experience and involvement. It’s an app entirely designed around making the customer involvement free of any friction, and its functionality is completely ringed with the company’s central business purpose.

From the perspective of a brand, the mobile app for your business is more than just a collection of your products and services. The app proposes an alternative channel for your customer to relate to your business or brand. It not only improves your retail utility but also suggests its very own, acute experience. If accurately leveraged, your mobile app can prove to be a major crusader for your business and brand.

Escalation of Brand Prominence

It is a psychological affair, if your app appears more on the user’s smartphone, the app will get glued in their subconsciousness. If you want to fortify your customer-business relationship, you must provide your customers with an inordinate deal of worth to keep them coming in the future. Evolving a mobile app will upsurge brand prominence, but when your app bids your users an inordinate deal of value that will help to reinforce your brand’s image largely.

Enhancement of User Engagement

Customers nowadays want instant, personalized conveyance, therefore another approach to fortify a user-business relationship is to participate with customers in a meaningful and notable way. Furthermore, a mobile app will allow you to communicate with your users without any boundary, by sending them a pertinent and personalized message.

Add a Competitive Authority

Developing a mobile app also lets your brand to stand out among your competitors. Your users will identify that you are finding an explanation to address the issues or problem they are facing. Do not lag behind when your competitors are ready to provide your customers with what they need, while they require it.

Generate Supplementary Revenue

If you are looking to increase conversions, mobile apps are an inordinate mode to push users further down the conversion shaft because they inspire repetitive conversions from users that are on the go. Furthermore, you can create revenue from advertising and app downloads provided your app is pay per download.

The best mobile app development trends of 2017

AR & VR are the show-stoppers of the new App show

In this period of impending mobile app trends, Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) apps are nothing less than a magical device. In 2016, VR & AR have revolutionized the entertainment and gaming world. Games like Pokemon Go, Sky Siege, iOnRoad and myNav are perfect examples of AR gaming apps while VR applications like Samsung Gear VR are soaring high in the entertainment world. Though there are some sceptical thoughts about the growth of VR device.

Synthetic Intelligence Is Factual Now

According to Gartner, there has been a rapid 300% growth in investment in synthetic or artificial intelligence in 2017 in comparison to 2016. Owing to these benefits, big names like Google, eBay and Facebook have begun procuring startups which are proficient in Artificial or Synthetic Intelligence.

We have already witnessed some remarkable Artificial Intelligence applications such as Siri, Prisma & Google Now and expecting much more keeping the AI application expansion trends integral.

Security In Apps causing a major challenge has predicted that 75% of smartphone applications would not get through even elementary security tests. Hackers will tend to endure with the tendency of misusing known security breaches in smartphone apps for pilfering sensitive and personal information. This is one of the negative aspects of mobile app development trends that are going to endure.

Wearable Devices Are Creating a new fashion statement which have witnessed some incredible wearable devices, in 2017 like Apple Watch Series 1, Pebble 2, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Fitbit Flex 2 and much more.

These devices prove that it’s way beyond getting limited to the only healthcare industry and ascertain to be one of the favourable mobile app development movements in 2017.

M-Commerce Is The New TrendNowadays, usage of credit and debit card has become obsolete and apps like Apple Pay and Google wallet are gaining more popularity. This scenario is giving a rise to m-commerce.United with wearable devices with m-commerce disbursement feature will take an altered shape in 2017. Other than data collection and predictive analytics, wearable device will also play a chief role in the impending future of m-commerce and user loyalty.

Location Based Applications are soaring high now, assimilated location-enabled applications like Google Beacon and Apple’s beacons are gaining popularity. LAN and WLAN usage will no longer be restricted to restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and in hospitals. The usage of this application with the Wi-Fi provision is going to increase beyond these customer requirements and thus will help people with significant location-enabled data.

This innovative technology gives a major room to customized app marketing and is expected to soar higher in 2017 as one of the chief mobile app movements.

Swift Is Getting More Swift Now. Swift is the new next-generation programming language for iOS creators. It has been confirmed by many mobile application developers that Swift is much stress-free than the programming language Objective – C. Though Swift is not going to substitute Objective-C anytime soon, however, it has gained a lot of positive response in 2017. With the advent of Swift 2 which proposes a host of innovative, developer-friendly specifications, this different and new programming language is undoubted to stay.

Thus, it has been proved from above-mentioned innovations that 2017 has been very fruitful in mobile app development trends.




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