Best 2018 Website Design Reviews: A Gowebbi Exclusive

Gowebbi 01 Feb 2018

Designing a responsive website in this present generation is indeed a demand for time. A responsive website will allow your prospective clients to reach out to you from any kind of platform and any browser from any part of the world. 

Therefore, a designer while designing a website for the business should do so by keeping the mentioned points in mind. These points enumerate the latest in trend for the current year in web development. 


With the changing trend, the need and demand of an individual keeps on changing from time to time. And when we count entrepreneur or businessmen into the group, their demand for their business keeps on growing with a shift in the same. As the trend changes, the need of a business entrepreneur keeps on changing with the change in demand for designing a website. The most important part of a website is the navigation portion. A business can see proper growth if it has a well-designed site that can be adequately navigated. A well-designed website should provide an individual with correct information that one is making a search on the same. With the change in trend, the website designers are also taking up new methods of designing a website for business, which attracts the attention of the customers and makes one surf the site as well. There are recent trends sketched out for 2018 to build an attractive website. Here are some of the points that are taken up by a website designer while designing a website for the business.

Clean layouts

This can be considered as the most common form of website designing feature. Having a decent plan on a website will make the website perform better, especially on mobile devices. Sites that are dumped with big size images are indeed slow and take a lot of time to upload, which makes the viewer frustrated. With the change in trend, the common man has a general tendency to surf a website with the help of mobile phones than logging into the same from desktops or laptops. The website design trends for 2018 will include interactive animation features, chatbots, augmented reality and various other features as well. Flashy emoticons have become outdated, and therefore people tend to get features that can attract the attention of the customers all at once.


Previously, websites were designed with images, pictures, and cartoons to target more audience and provide business with a hike. But, nowadays web designers have come up with a new style of designing a website, and that is typography. In this new feature, the websites are designed with text-based messages that assist an individual in communicating in proper fashion. Such designed websites can also be easily operated through mobile as well. In 2018, the designing of the websites will be done with bold headers, and there will be a use of text links instead of buttons.

Animation section

With the change in technology, there is the improvement in animation section as well. Web browsers nowadays handle animation in far better way. Previously, animations were flashy and used to distract the viewers. But, the animations that will be designed in 2018 will be indeed subtle and prove to be useful in many ways. The scrolling triggers and even the logos will be well animated that will improve the look of the website and catch the attention of the viewer quickly. It can also be considered as one of the best examples of typography design.

Chatbots, machine learning, and AI

All these years we are continuously communicating with the bots in the websites. Previously, an individual would have faced difficulty to get the correct answer and therefore they would have lost interest in making more queries to the chatbots. But, with the change in generation, the chatbots are indeed smart, and they provide the answer that clears all the misconceptions correctly.

In 2018, it is predicted that this technology will be indeed perfected and incorporated into different company websites. The chatbots are modified in such a way that they can answer the queries of a customer so that one can have the perfect experience.

Assistance of voice search interface

Searching with the help of voice can be referred to as natural language processing. In simple terms, it is the interaction of a human being with that of a computer. The different types of examples include Siri, Cortana, and Alexan. Voice interface is generally designed to work on complex voice systems as well. These actions will be combined with machine learning in 2018, which allows a person to predict one’s needs before even one completes the demand.

With the rise in voice search method, the website also tends to be conversational. In best 2018 website design reviews such actions come in the top list.

Seamless interactions

The new technique of seamless communication is another current mode of 2018 for designing business websites. By taking the assistance of chatbots and voice user interface system, the customer gets the scope to interact with the website directly rather than waiting for the chatbots to answer and even for the page to get reloaded. Another form of attractive designing technique is the micro interaction that a business owner can specifically mention to the designer to sprinkle on the website, which will help in improving the communication system.


It is noticed that any well-designed website or a social media page gets hacked sooner or later. This creates confusion in one’s mind, and people also get scared with such facts. Therefore, with the change in modern generation, the website designers have thought to increase the security of the websites so that hackers cannot hack the designed website in any way and pose a threat to the owner of the business. Google has updated itself and taken up proper steps to notify the sites that have the potential danger to be hacked.

Taking risks, reaping rewards

If a business owner wants to deliver the rich business experience or satisfy a customer to the fullest, then using new technologies and introducing the same in front of the clients in true fashion is indeed necessary. With the advancement of time, designers have come up with the point of designing and maintaining a website in a correct way and repairing the same when there is any damage found in any way.

More use of negative space

White space in a website is nothing new, but the same in 2018 is used in the far better way with proper graphics and emoticons added on the same. To make a website run well on mobile devices, it should be light in weight. Flashy and gimmicky designs should be avoided. Even massive images are also not suitable to be designed in a website. Such factors have become old school, and people of the present generation do not like to have the clumsy website that would make the same look dumped with excessive pictures and images. Nowadays, animations are not added to a website; instead, there is an addition of cinematography to demonstrate a product or material. Negative space attracts the attention of the viewers without making anyone distracted in any way. Simply designed pages were viral in 2017 but having a clear page with proper text and images will offer a customer with perfect viewing experience and hold one’s interest in the proper way.

Having progressive web application is a must

Almost every app is designed in such a way that can be easily played on mobiles, and the viewer can have a perfect experience as well. Designing a traditional web app is not needed preferred nowadays as that takes a lot of space making the website heavy, which in place hampers the working of the app and does not make the same mobile friendly.

With the change in trend and upgradation in generation, the apps are getting designed in such a way which increases the functionality of the websites to include things like push notification, splash screen, offline mode, animated page transitions, etc. various social media apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Washington post and Medium are generally accessible with a single click. The apps that are designed nowadays are indeed lightweight and provides one with utmost satisfaction of making use of the same. Website design trends for 2018, are considerable changing as per the demand and need of time.

Top sticky elements vs. bottom sticky elements

As people have a common tendency to read from left to right, they also believe navigating a website from the bottom. Therefore the navigation keys should be appropriately designed so that it makes the navigation easy for one. The recent website designing trends of 2018 puts up clearly that the website should be developed in perfect way so that it can raise the interest of the viewer in correct way rather than making the same heavy weight that may prove to be difficult for one to surf the website in proper way and get the best result for one.

The trend of designing a website in this new era keeps on changing and the designer’s suit decent effort in developing the website of the business in the correct way so that it can withhold the attention of the customers in correct fashion rather than making the same lose interest from the website. This will prove to be a loss for the business.

Secure web pages and secured apps

The importance of cultural shift can never be avoided while designing a website. Previously, hacking of a website was done maliciously, and it indeed became a more significant issue for all. Therefore, the primary factor that every designer keeps in mind while designing a website is its protectiveness. Best 2018 website design reviews, clearly put up the factor that a website or even an app should be designed in such a way that it stays protected in the perfect way rather than having any chance of getting hacked in any way. In 2018, one of the most important factor while designing a website is how much the site is protected or how long can the same be safe? This is the primary concern that a designer should keep in mind while designing a website.

Use of drones

The application of drones in a website is indeed necessary nowadays. The drone allows a business to see new hikes and move forward in correct direction rather than making the business suffer the loss in any way. Therefore, application of drones in a business website is indeed necessary.

Appropriate pairing with micro interactions

Micro-interactions can be referred as user enabled communications that offer an individual with guidance, control, and rewards. This allows a viewer to have proper fun and get the best-desired result for the business as well. Minimalist design means uncluttered design on the website. By designing a website with the minimalist design while sketching and creating a website, a viewer can get the best experience, and one gets instant gratification as well.

This type of well-designed website can also be run on mobiles easily that provides complete satisfaction to one in every way and delivers the best viewing and surfing experience without disturbing the customers in any way. Such features allow a business website to perform perfectly rather than making the business lack in any way.

Big, bold type design

Whenever a designer is about to design a website for the business, one should be very sure that the designing of the website should be indeed big, dark and bold. Having a bright website raises the interest of a customer, which in place increases the inquisitiveness of the customer more. Therefore, to get the best answer for business, a business owner would like to have a website that would grab the attention of all without much hassle.

Responsive website

Having a well-designed responsive website allows a person to do proper search and navigate the website in the correct way. An excellent responsive website is one that performs equally well in both PC as well as mobile phones. Having a responsive design for the business will be indeed liked by customers who are surfing the site. Website design trends for 2018, should obviously include having an excellent sensitive feature of a website so that it can be operated easily without having much difficulty. Therefore, a business owner should be firm and provide explicit instruction to the designer to design a website that is indeed responsive and performs in the best fashion.

Therefore, when a designer or an entrepreneur is deciding to hire a company for designing a business website, one should be very clear about the above-mentioned points so that he/she can get the best result for one’s company.


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